Clever Commute Premium

Since 2006, we’ve been working to help make your commute as stress-free as it can be.
We are proud to announce a suite of amazing value-added features which make up Clever Commute Premium.
Clever Commute Premium goes well beyond the free offering by providing MORE and BETTER  data…FASTER…with more CONTROL for you.It’s sold as an in-app purchase from inside of our free app.
We have versions for iOS (iPhone, iPad) as well as Android!

Free Version
Banner ads
User-generated alerts
One route
Simple departureboard
2 hours of alert history
Time-of-Day filters
Limited control/customization
$3.33 a month
No banner ads
Data from 5 sources
Up to three routes
Enhanced departureboard
Up to 12 hours of history
Time-of-Day PLUS Day-of-Week filters
Full control/customization
Plus all of this...
Track history
Track predictions
Faster/Richer data
Metrics / Reports
Pause / Resume / Snooze
Personalization for YOUR trains
Show/Hide Senders
Show Sender history
Enhanced format
E-mail/Text option
...and dozens of other features which vary by transit provider